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Ensure the people of Ukraine get the urgent life-saving assistance they need during this crisis. Your donation to the ABC Ukraine Emergency Aid Fund will be used for immediate Ukrainian refugee assistance.

ABC partner nonprofits are on the ground and working with local agencies in neighboring countries who are taking in thousands of children and families. A description of the assistance our partners are providing is below.

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United Ukrainian American Relief Committee

UUARC provides aid to Ukrainians worldwide, funds educational & humanitarian programs; distributes medical supplies, clothing, meals; aid to wounded soldiers,refugees,families of deceased soldiers; orphans & the elderly, assistance to new immigrants.

Blue Card

The Blue Card has partnered with the Survivor Mitzvah Project - a US based organization that provides direct aid to Holocaust survivors in Ukraine through a network who are continuing to do their work regardless of the situation on the ground.

Together, The Blue Card and The Survivor Mitzvah Project, will check on survivors and provide food, medical supplies, and caregiver aid where needed.

Last Chance for Animals

Last Chance for Animals (LCA) (dba Dogs Last Chance) is helping UAnimals, a Ukrainian animal advocacy organization, with assisting animals affected by the war in Ukraine. Animal shelters are running out of food and water. Many animals have been killed, injured and separated from their families. Funds will be used to provide food, safe transportation and veterinary care. Food and transportation are the most significant need at this point.

Youth for Christ

Youth for Christ has a staff team in the area of Kyiv, Ukraine. Funds raised are going to help people purchase food, medical supplies, temporary housing, and transportation costs. Our team is making tactical backpacks with basic medical supplies and some food.

Feeding America's Hungry Children

We are providing cash resources to an American Private Orphanage in the Ukraine that relies on the Ukrainian government for 50% of their operating capital. This has been cut off and the Orphans are in desperate need of food.

Children's Emergency Relief International

We are in Moldova responding by:

  • Providing critical supplies to families including food, water, power, etc.
  • Equipping local staff to provide long-term support to those in need
  • Developing an emergency plan to evacuate families
  • Advising children’s shelters on the best way to care for children in an emergency

Children's Christian Relief Mission

We have sent our first financial support to a partner agency running an orphanage in Romania. They have recently taken in scores of children (and adults) fleeing from the war and displacement in Ukraine. Our initial grant will help cover their food costs in these early days of feeding these young war refugees.

National Council For Adoption

A number of U.S. families are currently in process to adopt from Ukraine, which currently has about 100,000 unparented children in need of loving homes. NCFA is working with member agencies and appropriate federal and international authorities to ensure that children in the adoption process can come home to their new families safely and speedily.

Operation: Care and Comfort

Operation: Care and Comfort is sending military care packages monthly to US troops stationed in NATO countries near Ukraine. Care packages contain food, personal care and entertainment items.

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