For Givers

  • To assemble, screen, certify, and present high quality charities for giver consideration.
  • To help givers find specific charities that are doing the work they wish to support.
  • To provide systems that allow for charities to ask potential contributors for gifts, and for contributors to make gifts, without high fund raising overhead costs.
  • Administrative, logistical, and funds distribution services to facilitate employer support of employee giving at work through payroll deduction and otherwise.
  • Public recognition for companies that sponsor at-work employee giving campaigns.

For Charities

  • In return for adhering to the highest standards of accountability and service, to provide the privilege of one-stop application, certification, and access to workplace giving, web-based giving, and other low-cost fundraising vehicles. Member Services and Benefits.

ABC Eligibility Standards

  • Governance by Board of Directors with no material conflicts of interest, the majority of whom serve without compensation.
  • IRS certified 501(c)(3) charitable organization.
  • Documented provision of substantive services and programs. For national/international certification, services must be delivered to populations in at least 15 states or one or more foreign countries. Documents required depend on type of service delivered but always detail aid on a state-by state or country-by-country basis over a three year period.
  • Annul financial audit conducted by an independent CPA for partner organizations with reported revenue over $250,000. Various compliance tests are conducted by ABC on the audit.
  • Current IRS Form 990 annual return with all attachments, including those not open to public inspection, must be submitted to ABC. Certain compliance tests are conducted on the 990 by ABC.
  • Applicant cannot be late or in arrears with its IRS Form 990 filing and cannot appear on the State Department's or UN's list of suspect organizations.
  • Applicants' fund raising materials and other information to the public must be truthful and nondeceptive.