Partner Services & Benefits



  • Private, Members Only Online Portfolio. All of your campaign reporting, marketing information and membership benefits accessible any time in one convenient and secure web site.
  • Complete Workplace Campaign Marketing Support. Exclusive campaign promotion. Development and review of campaign brochure statements. Custom workplace development plans.
  • Event and Speaker Announcements. Links and guidance to register for workplace campaign events and other promotional opportunities.
  • Members' Pledge Amounts and Costs Fully Disclosed. Detailed financial reports. Every payment and pledge amount is documented in secure, user friendly reports.
  • Automated "Sign & Go" Applications. Quick and easy application process, including full application review and assistance. Comprehensive, electronic submission and processing.
  • Electronic Funds Transfer. Donations directly deposited to your bank account with email notification and auto payment detail posted on the Online Portfolio.
  • Donor Names Provided Electronically. Available for download via the Online Portfolio.
  • GiveDirect Online Fundraising Platform. (Optional) Customizable donation, event, and membership forms - mobile ready. Exceptional customer service. Competitive rates with volume discounts. Consolidate your online donor fundraising into one platform, and use one click export buttons for your current donor management software.
  • Corporate Matching Gift Service. (Optional) Simplify the employer match process and increase your online revenue with our automated matching program.