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Airmen Memorial Foundation


Investing in our children: Air & Space Forces Active Duty, Guard, Reserves, retired and veteran enlisted personnel and their families receive scholarships and financial aid. We advocate QofL for all personnel to America's elected and military leaders.

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Success Story

Her young husband was 6,000 miles away in Korea on assignment with the Air Force while she remained behind in the expensive Washington, D.C. metropolitan suburbs with their two handicapped children. Suddenly, without advance warning, the Social Security Administration notified this young mother that her SSI (Supplemental Income) entitlement had been cancelled due to her husband being out of the country and "no longer resident in the home."

Behind in her car payments, rent and other bills and under severe stress from being the only adult responsible for two children requiring constant care, her own mental and physical health suffered dramatically. In desperation she turned to her local base Family Support Center who provided immediate aid but it was insufficient to cover all of her arrears. Still facing loss of her critically needed automobile used to transport her children for therapy and with little funds for food, the Family Support Center put her in contact with the Airmen Memorial Foundation for consideration of a humanitarian grant.

Quickly, the AMF responded with sufficient funds to cover her outstanding bills and permitted her to provide sufficient food for the family until the SSI decision was reversed and funding restored.