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Service Dogs For America


Our dogs establish independence and change lives.

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Success Story

Conor's parents researched multiple organizations until they found Service Dogs for America. Conor and his parents spent three weeks at the Jud, ND campus as part of their placement and training. A beautiful young yellow lab named Sheyenne picked Conor and it was love at first sight when their bond began.

Sheyenne has been a blessing for young Conor, and she has helped give him the independence to walk without holding someone's hand and help him feel steady on his feet. She helps him navigate steps and alerts his parents or other adults if Conor falls down and cannot get up by himself. She helps pick up items he has dropped. Most of all, Sheyenne is the companion that is always there for him.

Sheyenne has been integrated into Conor's school system and his daily routine and supports him each day. She is the Service Dog Ambassador at Conor's elementary school and educates children and parents alike about the vital role service dogs' play in the lives of those they serve.

Sheyenne provides Conor's parents with peace of mind in the knowledge that she is taking care of him and that he can grow and more independence, something we all take for granted.

For Conor, he has come to rely upon, trust and love Sheyenne, and he cannot imagine his life without her.