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Pets of the Homeless


Animal companionship contributes to the emotional well-being of homeless people, including encouraging owners to seek sobriety, leave abusive relationships, & avoid incarceration. We provide basic emergency veterinary care & food for pets of the unhoused.

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Success Story

My name is Peppers. I am a 10-year-old male poodle and live with my disabled human, Roseanne. We have been experiencing homelessness in the Los Angeles, CA area for four months now.  Life hasn’t been easy on us but, my owner sure has done everything to provide for us the best she can.

For some time now I have been dealing with 2 rectal Hernias that have gotten worse. My mom didn’t know what to do, money always being the issue of not being enough. SSI benefits only come in 1x a month but that did not stop her from seeking help. She contacted a local Veterinarian office in our area who were so kind to at least see me and give her an estimate, so we knew what we were working with. That Vet office knew of our situation and referred us to call Feeding Pets of the Homeless for assistance.

Once my owner contacted the organization and all the necessary information was provided, we were able to rest easy knowing that Pets of The Homeless would be covering our bill. It was such an amazing feeling knowing that I would get the surgery needed to help me feel better and just the thought of how happy my owner would be to not have to stress over making payments or scraping money. I couldn’t be any more grateful, my heart is oh so full of joy.

Feeding Pets of The Homeless contributed a total of $2000 towards my care. My owner and I cannot ever thank them enough!