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USA Cares Inc.


USA Cares helps veterans and service members overcome obstacles to create a foundation for long-term financial and employment stability. This improves the quality of their lives and reduces potential risk factors for homelessness and suicide.

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Success Story

Suicide Prevention

A Marine Corps veteran served two tours in Afghanistan and was discharged in 2006. As the years went by, the memories from his time overseas never left. Depression and PTSD slowly began to overtake him. In 2018, his trauma pushed him to the edge. After losing his job as a result of his service-connected disabilities, he attempted suicide. He was hospitalized for 6 days. Under heavy emotional strain and financial hardship, he reached out to USA Cares for emergency assistance. After verifying his case, USA Cares was able to pay his past-due electric bill and prevent his utilities from being disconnected. Thanks to our generous donors, we were able to provide basic needs for his family while he attended treatment at a nearby combat veteran assistance center and sought the help he desperately needed.

Homelessness Prevention

Honorably discharged U.S. Army veteran was awaiting approval on a pending 90% VA disability rating resulting from injuries he received while in service. Just weeks later, the Coronavirus pandemic swept through his city. He could feel the stressors mounting: social distancing requirements, the new task of homeschooling his children, and the constant medical issues he struggled with daily. After some of his wife’s coworkers tested positive for COVID-19, her employer implemented an emergency shutdown, forcing all employees on unpaid leave.  He and his family found themselves in a severe financial bind. Scrambling to keep a roof over his family’s heads, he reached out to USA Cares for help. Within 48 hours, a dedicated caseworker verified his needs and provided him with emergency housing aid, preventing his family from eviction.