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Center for Domestic Peace


We provide bi-lingual hotlines, housing, support, advocacy, counseling, and outreach services for domestic violence survivors and their children. Violence prevention services and programs for men/women/teens.

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Success Story

Danielle (not her real name) and her daughter came to C4DP after experiencing a threatening, emotionally abusive situation. Danielle’s partner installed cameras all over their house, put a tracking device in the car, and did not let her or her daughter see family or friends outside their house.  

One day on her way to work, Danielle decided to stop at C4DP’s administrative office. She said she did not know what to do since her partner did not let her leave the house, and she was unable to take her child out of the house. A C4DP hotline advocate connected her C4DP’s legal advocacy services, which helped her contact the police who assisted her in finally leaving the house with her daughter.  

Danielle stayed at C4DP’s shelter for 2 months, where C4DP advocates worked closely with her, providing support, empowerment, resources, and a connection to C4DP’s therapy program. She also received food, diapers, and financial assistance through flex funds to spend a few weeks at a hotel after she left the shelter. During this time, Danielle was able to find an apartment for herself and her child. She was very grateful for all the support and empowerment she received during one of the most vulnerable moments in her life; C4DP helped her become more self-sufficient and independent. Danielle shared that she will always keep C4DP’s shelter close to her heart because that is where her daughter first learned to walk.