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Special Ops Survivors


Families of special ops warriors who die in combat/training face unimaginable suffering & challenges. The loss of a spouse/parent is life-altering. We're there to help, providing a community of fellow Survivors & long-term resiliency programs & assistance.

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Success Story

My life, my children's lives, and our family's lives forever changed on that fateful day. I went from being a military wife to a widow with two small children. My reality was that I was now a single mom raising two kids by myself. It did not take long before I realized I needed some help.

Special Ops Survivors has provided me access to a community of other survivors who have gone through similar circumstances as myself. Our stories are all different but we have a commonality where we have all lost our husbands in a service related death. We relate to one another. We have survived and are overcoming similar obstacles together. Special Ops Survivors provides a community that embraces and empowers us to move forward in finding our new normal in our lives. Walking this journey together with other survivors has been so powerful for me knowing I am not alone.

Today, as I moving forward, I have an incredible network of other survivors and Special Ops Survivors supporting me in a way I know my husband would want for me. Knowing I am not alone has been powerful for me in my journey. No one can bring back my husband, but this organization has given me tools and friendships to build my new normal life that honors the legacy of my hero. I have gone back to school with the help of Educational Grants from Special Ops Survivors to pursue a teaching credential and master's in education. The encouragement, love, and support I have received through this organization, I can only say has been priceless.

- Air Force Surviving Spouse