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Concerns of Police Survivors


Grief support and resources for surviving families and co-workers of law enforcement officers killed in the line of duty; law enforcement trauma training; and public education. COPS remembers their sacrifices and honors the families of these fallen heroes.

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Success Story

Kelsey Young was just five years old when her father, Detective Donald Young, was killed in the line of duty on May 8, 2005. Being so young, she doesn't remember too many details about the days surrounding his death, but what she does remember is C.O.P.S. Kids Camp being a constant in her life. 

"What helped me the most was just being around other kids that knew what it was like to have a parent who was killed in the line of duty," said Kelsey.  "Camp is such a special place, and it changes your life forever."  Now age 19, Kelsey has made it a point to keep C.O.P.S. as part of her life by attending the Outward Bound® Experience and Young Adults Camp, where she tries to help the new survivors.  "I want everyone there to be able to get the help they need, and if I can do that for even one person, that means a lot to me," said Kelsey. 

Kelsey says that as she gets older, the issues surviving kids deal with change, too.  "It's nice to know that people at C.O.P.S., especially kids in my age group, are going through those things at the same time."

2018 was a tough year for Kelsey, as she admits it was hard having her Dad miss some big moments, such as her senior prom, her high school graduation, and helping her move into her dorm as she began her college career at the University of Colorado in Boulder. 

With hopes to one day return to camp as a mentor, Kelsey has a message for all surviving children: "I know it may not seem like it now, but I promise it will get better.  The whole C.O.P.S. family, including myself, is here for you in any way that we can help you."