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Military and Veteran Women Support Fund


Military and veteran women who proudly serve often face professional challenges, PTSD, and sexual assault in silent isolation. Help support women achieve their highest potential with mentoring, training, and growth opportunities to impact positive change.

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Success Story

The following are some specific comments from members about their participation in the AcademyWomen eMentor Leadership Program sponsored by the Military and Veteran Women Support Fund: "… I have an AWESOME mentor who is caring and practical helping me to put some items into perspective so that I can work them and move on. She is able to address both my professional and personal goals which is a huge plus." "I am finally able to talk to someone with confidence and confidentiality about my experiences, questions and concerns and am able to receive valuable and actionable advice - from someone who's been in my shoes!!!"

[The best thing about the ementor program] "is getting to talk to women who are WILLING mentors, ready to help and answer questions." [What I appreciate most about the ementor program is] "being able to share your thoughts and request suggestions on aspects that are important to you. Having a mentor!"

AcademyWomen has an award-winning history of providing mentoring and networking to active duty military women and veterans.Whether it is the Career Coaching Workshop, the Job Fair, the Symposium, the website resources, announcements, newsletter, or our online eMentor Leadership Program, AcademyWomen has a variety of programs that provide mentoring and networking to help women succeed both personally and professionally.