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Children Rescue Mission


Rescuing at-risk children in Nepal by breaking the cycles of poverty and human trafficking. Providing families with sustainable means to make a living. Building churches which builds communities; supporting indigenous missionaries, spreading God's Word.

Real Life

Imagine: you are a 5 year old child in Nepal, with no food, no education, no money and no parents. What would you do?

Shreejana was such a child. Many years ago her father went to India to look for work. When he came home he was HIV positive. Soon, his wife was HIV positive. They were illiterate and didn't understand about HIV and they died. Shreejana became an orphan without enough land to feed herself. Her grandmother worked in others' fields just to feed her. Other villagers tried to help as well but it wasn't enough to fulfill her basic needs. Without money to buy clothes, sandals, and supplies she couldn't even go to school. That was before Children Rescue Mission stepped in. Shreejana now has food, clothing and goes to school. She has a chance.

"I went to Nepal with CRM in 2012. We visited the children that CRM supports and heard hardship story after story from these kids. Most of them have either one parent, or none at all. We witnessed the feeding programs in Kathmandu. Many of these children roam the streets of the city while their parent or parents work 15-16 hours per day. It was a blessing to see them share a well-needed meal." Glenn Rank, Elder, Oak Grove Bible Fellowship, Palo Cedro, California.

Everyday as many as 5,000 street children scavenge for food on the streets of Kathmandu. Young girls are forced into sex trafficking. Many never survive. We give these vulnerable children hope through food, education and love. Will you join us and help save a child's life? There is no welfare, social security or other government help. We are all they have!

CRM: We, feed, educate and protect the desperate children of Nepal.