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Any Soldier Inc.


Support your troops directly using a searchable database of contacts deployed overseas. We provide everything necessary, no middleman. Send service members a touch of home.

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Success Story

"It is a great honor to share with others the excitement and happiness of the men and women fighting for our freedom over-seas when they receive a care package from total strangers. has provided we WWII Veterans from a retirement community here in California with hundreds of names and addresses of our military fighting this war on terrorism. During my time in the service I never was able to receive a care package from home due unfortunately to my being in a Japanese POW camp for three and a half years, and I can honestly say it would have meant so much to we POWs if we knew the folks back home cared. Well, we care: and we show it by sending 50 care packages every week to our comrades fighting for our freedom.

Thank you for making these care packages possible."

Lester Tenney, National Commander
American Defenders of Bataan and Corregidor