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Abortion Access Project


As clinics close and laws create barriers to abortion care, we are there to offer access to compassionate, stigma-free abortion care. We educate, train, and assist healthcare and social service providers to care for and support people seeking abortion.

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Provide works to ensure access to abortion in all of our communities, especially those that are rural and in the South, through engaging health care and social service providers around their professional responsibility to their patients and clients. By creating opportunities for health and social service providers to engage that are rooted not within the controversy of abortion as a political or moral issue, but rather within the context of caring for one's clients and patients, we seek to normalize abortion, build empathy, and grow a community of support for abortion care. The following is an interview quote obtained by Provide's external evaluator after a South Carolina Referrals training.

"I am Christian, and I am pro-life, so this is on a personal note. When I learned this mandatory training had information about abortion... I was a bit surprised and unprepared. But because of the professionalism and in-depth training these people provided I walked out feeling like if I came across those issues on a personal level that I would have somewhere to go with it, be able to assist someone more holistically, instead of discouraging them. It made a change in me, and it was specifically because of the training that I think I can now be a better resource for the community. The trainers listened to what we had to say, they responded and were very warm. They made me feel very comfortable that I could express any discomfort, that I could express myself and what I felt without turning anyone off. That there was a place for all of that."