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Shanti Project


Shanti Project reduces isolation, enhances health and well-being, and improves quality of life for people facing inequities and barriers to care. We provide compassionate care, connection, and critical safety net resources.

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Hulda is a 75-year-old woman who has lived in San Francisco for over forty years. She first came to Shanti in 1993, three years after her HIV diagnosis. She was having a hard time doing things for herself, like cooking and cleaning, and heard Shanti offered such help for people living with HIV. At Shanti, Hulda found the practical support she needed and so much more. She found a safe place where she was accepted and valued. She found warmth and compassion from staff, volunteers, and peers. Through strong personal connections and community she built with Shanti, Hulda found the strength and courage to share her voice.

Hulda’s openness and willingness to be vulnerable have established her as a resource and maternal figure for other Shanti clients. For many years, Hulda has participated as a client panelist for the Shanti Peer Support Trainings, where her reassuring presence calms the nerves of new volunteers and crystallizes their connection to Shanti’s work. She is also a critical member of Shanti’s HIV Services Client Advisory Board.

In the larger community, Hulda has shared her insight and non-judgmental care on non-profit boards where she serves and in the high school classrooms where she teaches HIV education.

Each year, Shanti reduces isolation and improves lives of more than 2,000 marginalized individuals facing challenges like illness, disability, and aging. Your support will help ensure that Hulda and thousands of San Franciscans can receive the compassion, dignity, and care they deserve now and in the future.