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Meals On Wheels People, Inc.


Providing 5,700 nutritional meals a day and a social lifeline for older adults through meal sites and Meals on Wheels delivery to homebound elderly.

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Success Story

Jean Hansen has lived in the same house for 45 years. She and her husband, Harley, bought the land and had the house built in the fall of 1969. They raised two children there. They watched the neighborhood evolve from a semi- rural area of small farms to an urban enclave of subdivisions and freeways and four-lane roads. But Jean's tidy home with the fenced yard has remained virtually unchanged since she moved in. And that's fine with her. Jean, who proudly states that she is "90-and-a-half" plans to live out her days in the home she has lived in for decades. And she'll be able to do that because of Meals on Wheels. Back in 2009, Jean took a fall and broke her leg. She was hospitalized briefly and upon her release, the discharge planned suggested she sign up for Meals on Wheels. "I'd heard of Meals on Wheels, of course," Jean said. "But it just never occurred to me that it was a service I could use. It has made all the difference to me. I could not have lived in my home by myself without the service." Jean never really recovered her full strength after the fall and has continued to receive meals. "Oh, I can probably steam some vegetables and I can use a microwave, but I can't really cook anymore," Jean confessed. "All of the volunteers are just wonderful. Some of them have been delivering to me since the very first days." Jean's children, grandchildren and great grandchildren all live nearby and visit often, but it is that hot meal and daily visit that really make the difference for Jean, allowing her to age in place.