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Meals on Wheels North Central Texas


Meals on Wheels' services are targeted toward elderly and disabled persons, focusing on those who are homebound, older in age, low income, isolated or frail. Meals on Wheels also acts as a resource for families caring for elderly and disabled loved ones.

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Success Story

Mr. Cleve has lived alone since his wife passed away more than 16 years ago. When he lost her, he was devastated, and it all started to take a toll. He didn’t eat regularly being on his own, and eventually he lost 50 pounds. Concerned, his friends and family recommended he contact Meals on Wheels.

He was hesitant at first, thinking others had a greater need. He finally signed up for meal services last February, and thanks to friends like you, we got him started right away.

Mr. Cleve has received so much more than food through his time with Meals on Wheels — he’s gained family.

“I’ve met the most wonderful, kind, God-loving people,” Mr. Cleve says. “These are the most precious friendships that I don’t want to give up!”

He also formed a special friendship with his volunteer family’s son, Luke. They often catch up with one another, whether through handwritten letters or in person at Mr. Cleve’s kitchen table (before coronavirus kept them physically apart.)

“Mr. Cleve is my buddy. I am always excited to see him and he’s always excited to see me,” Luke says. Luke can’t wait until he can get another big hug from Mr. Cleve when it’s safe to visit again. For now, they settle for letters and calls, which keep them connected.

Thanks to you, seniors like Mr. Cleve have access to nutritious meals and social support amid the pandemic. Please continue your support now if you can. Thank you!