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CASA of Travis County


When the State steps in as temporary parent for abused or neglected children, judges appoint trained CASA volunteers to find them safe, loving homes.

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Success Story

James was just a kid trying to make it to the finish line. After facing severe trauma from experiencing neglect by his parents, he was now trying to manage life as a teenager and his goal of receiving his diploma, all while being in a foster home in a new city. That's when his CASA volunteer, Hector, came into his life.

Hector advocated for all the vital resources James needed and was his primary support through anything the youth faced. An obstacle occurred when James juggled adapting to his new placement and balancing work with school: he needed help getting to school every day. Other parties could not help him, but Hector didn't give it a second thought after receiving a text message from James. He drove him daily for weeks. Then he advocated for transportation resources for the youth. He did this all so James wouldn't miss school with graduation right around the corner.

A few months later, Hector was there to cheer James on as he crossed the stage with his degree. Now, James is thriving in college as he heads toward a new finish line: receiving his bachelor's degree in business administration.