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Legal Services For Children, Inc.


LSC assists low-income youth by providing free legal and social services.

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Seeking Safety and Stability

Tessa is a fourteen-year-old girl who came to Legal Services for Children (LSC) in need of immediate help. Her mother has a long history of substance abuse and mental health issues, and her father abandoned her before she was even born. Suffering years of mental and physical abuse and neglect by her mother, Tessa's grades began to fall, and she became increasingly aggressive with her peers at school. Threatened to be expelled, Tessa called LSC for help. LSC's team of attorneys and social workers represented Tessa during her expulsion hearing, and successfully advocated for her right to stay in school and receive special education services to help her thrive. Furthermore, identifying the core problem of neglect and abuse at home, LSC helped Tessa contact Child Protective Services to remove her from the abusive care of her mother, and obtain a legal guardianship with grandparents she trusts. With the legal guardianship, Tessa remains at her grandparents' home where she is safe and her emotional and educational needs can be addressed. Through LSC's social work services she found mental health treatment to reduce her aggression problems. Tessa also receives help with tutoring and support from her school counselor to get her back on track. Our attorneys and social workers will continue to provide her and her grandparents with the comprehensive legal and social support they need to ensure the success of the guardianship and Tessa's emotional well being.

Legal Services for Children support youth, like Tessa, who have been seriously abused or neglected by a parent and need a legal advocate to help keep them in school. Last year, LSC provided direct legal representation and social services to over 450 children and youth, and helped over 2,000 children, youth and concerned adults through our intake line. LSC helps children stabilize their lives, provides them with an opportunity to be raised in a safe environment with equal access to the services they need, and helps them realize their full potential.