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Habitat for Humanity San Gabriel Valley


Affordable housing is almost an impossibility for a low-income family. A full-time, minimum wage employee can't afford a decent one-bedroom apartment. Offering a hand up not a handout, volunteering or supporting us makes home ownership/repair happen.

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Success Story

A top priority for parents is keeping their children safe and healthy. The Castaneda family is no exception. But limited income has forced the Castaneda's to live in the very situation from which they wished to shield their family. The Castaneda family currently resides in a 2-bedroom apartment in Los Angles, in an area plagued by drugs and violence. The family feels constantly at risk because strangers are able to walk into their building off of the streets because it lacks security. Their apartment centered between two rival gangs the family is exposed to constant gun fire and police activity. This family experienced three recent shootings with gunfire so close it awakened their children from their sleep. Distraught, they had to be comforted back to sleep. With the community growing more and more violent and astronomical housing prices hindering them from relocating, the Castaneda's were afraid for their children's future. The Chestnut Homes in Glendale, currently under construction, will ensure the family will have a safe place to call home. Each home has a separate enclosed yard area which will allow the Castaneda children to play outside and feel safe in their own yard. That's why both parents have pursued this new journey. It's not easy; both parents switch off putting SWEAT EQUITY hours into building their home. Laura Castaneda says that it's difficult to leave her beautiful baby at home to work on building her new home, but then she is reminded of WHY she does it. Every day spent building the new homes brings the Castaneda's that much closer to their dream of safe and stable homeownership. Laura is grateful that her family was given this opportunity.