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Military Chaplains Association of the USA


Chaplains provide spiritual care to our Troops. Support chaplaincy, care for chaplains, help extend their ministries beyond the battlefield. Scholarships for seminarian chaplain candidates in the Air Force, Army or Navy.

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Success Story

MCA. Thanks for taking my message and returning the call. I needed your care and encouragement. Semper Fi. Thomas, one very wounded Marine.

Dear MCA. I just wanted to thank you all, for without the Military Chaplains I would not have made it successfully (alive) through the Army. God Bless, guide and use you all mightily! Kailani

Dear MCA. Thank you for your email explaining the situation with military chaplains and their prayers. I passed this along to fellow Legionnaires and other interested people. George Kozlowski, American Legion Post 96

Chaplain. Thank you for helping my wife and me after I came back from Afghanistan. The Army has great chaplains. But I needed to talk off line and figure out where we are. God bless all of you. SFC, Army National Guard

Dear MCA. I am honored and very grateful to receive your Chaplain Candidate Scholarship. I deeply appreciate CFC contributions which helped make this possible. This will help tremendously as I finish seminary and prepare for active duty service as a Navy chaplain. Thank you and God bless. ENS Jeremy S. Bennett, Chaplain Candidate, USNavy

Thank you for recognizing the ministry of our 11th Wing Chaplains with the 779th Aeromedical Staging Facility by your Distinguished Service Award. Please thank the CFC donors that support your annual awards program with their gifts. Capt Rachel David, USAF, Andrews Air Force Base.

Dear MCA. There is always need for a balanced picture about the wonderful things that chaplains do to help the Troops and their families. Your magazine is great! I am grateful for you and those who support you. Stay with it! John, Army Vet Vietnam.