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Ms. Foundation for Women


We're the first national women's foundation. We're changing the face of philanthropy and transforming our democracy by putting women and girls of color first.

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Your support of the Ms. Foundation for Women is an investment in women in communities where we know we can make a difference. The Ms. Foundation believes that women who confront multiple forms of discrimination and inequality, women of color and low-income women, are also the best positioned to create inclusive and just solutions that benefit everyone.

Naina Khanna is a young woman making a difference in her community with support from the Ms. Foundation. She is Director of Policy and Community Organizing at Women Organized to Respond to Life-Threatening Disease (WORLD), and as coordinator of the U.S. Positive Women's Network, Naina builds the collective power of HIV positive women to advocate for policies and programs that meet women's needs.

Naina plays a key role in bringing the expertise of community and grassroots women's organizations to bear on federal HIV policy to promote, in her words, "a holistic approach to HIV prevention and care that takes into account the realities of women's lives" and is crucial to ending the epidemic.

"This work wouldn't be possible without the support of the Ms. Foundation. It makes a huge difference to have resources to dedicate to policy and advocacy; and the ability to leverage our power and address the deeper structural issues instead of just putting a Band-Aid on the problem all the time," Naina states.

Your support enables the Ms. Foundation for Women to invest in the leadership efforts of women working to improve our communities around the country. Thank you.