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Leadership Conference Education Fund


We work for a more open and just society-an America as good as its ideals. Help us ensure jobs, education, voting rights, and more.

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By Vanita Gupta, CEO

The Leadership Conference Education Fund works to advance civil and human rights because we believe in an America that lives up to its ideals as an inclusive, fair, and just nation for all people.

Today, our fight is ever-more urgent. Every day, we face a new assault on civil rights. From attempts to discriminate against people based on their religion with a "Muslim ban" and efforts to roll back LGBTQ rights and voting rights to renewed pursuit of outdated sentencing policies that hurt communities of color, people in power are engaged in inciting fear, stoking hatred, and threatening the civil rights of every person in our country.

Our values, our Constitution, our democracy — they do not protect themselves. Our progress has been a result of people pushing toward our ideals. That's the kind of larger movement we must continue building right now.

We sit at the heart of the largest, most diverse national coalition of more than 200 civil rights, faith, and labor organizations working to make America as good as its ideals. We are committed to building solidarity with all people on behalf of justice.

Resistance is important, but it's not sufficient. While we must fight back hard, we can't just play defense and expect to win on civil rights. We must be part of a vibrant movement that builds and deploys our collective power to push for the dignity and fair treatment of all. Everything is at stake.

Closing the gap between this country's lofty ideals and peoples' actual lived experiences is never easy. Ours will always be a march uphill. But in coalition there is strength, and together, we can build an inclusive, fair, and just America for all people.