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Coalition Against Trafficking in Women


Human trafficking destroys lives, especially those of women and children who are sexually exploited. Support our efforts to end human trafficking and ensure that women and girls in the US and all over the world can live free from fear.

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Success Story

In Italy, our partner organization, IROKO, welcomes hundreds of Nigerian women trafficking into Turin every year. One of IROKO's clients, Joy recounts a tragedy thousands of women like her share:
Joy was tricked into believing a job as a restaurant hostess awaited her in Europe. Instead, when she arrived in Italy, not only did she learn that the position was a lie, her traffickers told her she owed them thousands of Euros. Joy rejected the "madam's" orders to prostitute herself to repay the debt, so she was raped repeatedly and chained to a bed until she obeyed. After years of suffering at the hands of her traffickers and pimps, Joy managed to escape. With the help of the police who brought her to IROKO, Joy is now rebuilding her life.

Contributions from supporters like you are instrumental in delivering justice to countless women like Joy who hope for a new beginning.