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Shepherd's Gate


Provide housing, food and clothing, spiritual development, and job placement among other services, for women and their children suffering from homelessness, addiction and domestic violence.    

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Success Story

Sandra, age 28 woke up after a night of drinking and did not know where she was. Then she realized she was in the Hayward garage where she had been living with other homeless people. She carried a gun, knife, and pepper spray to protect herself, her money and her drugs. Her ex-husband had their two children ages 1 and 2. She had no job, car, or hope. "I knew I was either going to end up in prison or dead," said Sandra. Instead, she called Shepherd's Gate. The shelter that helps women to restore their lives. Since comeing to Shepherd's Gate her life and self-esteem have completely turned around. "God kept me out of jail and brought me here." Sandra has been clean and sober since the day she walked through our doors. Living in a safe, healthy, loving, family enviornment is allowing her to get her life back. A new job, car, clean clothes, and a change of heart, are some of the miracles Sandra has been blessed with. Once settled in her new apartment she'll be ready to be a good mother to her children. "The worst pain a women can face is losing her children, "