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Eden I&R (Information and Referral)


To get help, people need to know where to start. Dialing 211 links Alameda County people to health, housing, and human services information/referrals.

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Success Story

Rhoda and Sam, a young couple with four young daughters, became clients of the Roving Housing Resource Program. Sam had just found employment. They were living in an emergency shelter after having lived with Sam's family for many months. Rhoda and Sam had credit problems and an eviction but a small income that would allow them to rent an apartment at market rate in Hayward. During this time the rental market was extremely tight and anyone with an eviction was shut out of the market. They had little hope of being accepted by a landlord.

During one of the sessions with Pam Glassoff, Roving Housing Resource Specialist, she introduced them to a local landlord. Both Rhoda and Sam were eager to talk with him and at the prompting of the Resource Specialist, they openly discussed their credit problems. He was sympathetic with their situation and thought that he could work with them. He had vacancies in Hayward and asked them to meet with him to apply for one of his rentals. The next day they met, and Rhoda and Sam moved into a unit a week later. After two years they are still in the unit. Rhoda now has a full time job. Their family is stable and settled into the schools and the local community. Rhoda has served on the advisory board of the Roving Housing Academy and was a great asset to the development of the program.