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Uplift Northwest


Since 1921, the Millionair Club Charity has provided jobs and support services to those in need in Seattle. We are specialists in providing jobs, training, clothes, glasses, transitional housing, meals and access to shower and laundry facilities.

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Success Story

Kadrian has traveled around the United States.  Originally from the South, he made his way to Seattle via Las Vegas.  When he arrived, Dre was struggling with homelessness and was desperately hoping he could find a job.

Kadrian admitted that he came to Uplift Northwest “hurt and angry”.

“After a while, so much negativity breaks you down. And I came to [Uplift Northwest] broken. But they looked past that. They asked, ‘What are your goals? Where do you see yourself in the future?’”

Kadrian found an understanding connection with Uplift Northwest staff.

“They gave me advice and steered me in the right direction. And when I was concerned and had problems, they didn’t talk at me. They talked with me. My nerves were shot when I arrived – I think I probably felt a victim of racism and discrimination in the past – but [Uplift Northwest] treated me like a human, and that made me want to keep coming back.”

Kadrian was able to secure a long-term position through Uplift Northwest working for Operation Sack Lunch at Pioneer Square He’s now been working with them as a cook for three years!

When asked about whether he’d recommend Uplift Northwest, Kadrian answered, “Absolutely. It’s the real deal. Even though I was struggling, they knew I wanted to be somebody. Even when it was hard for me to hear some truths, they gave it to me straight, and they did it out of love. Thanks to [Uplift Northwest], I’m no longer confused about what is possible and where I want to go in the future. You guys are nonjudgmental, you are diverse, you are forgiving, and you are helpful. Your glass is always half full, and you are always doing the right thing.”