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Casas por Cristo


We build homes for impoverished families across Latin America. Our volunteer teams build a home complete with a concrete foundation, electricity, doors, and windows. A shack built out of scraps will be replaced by a home of dignity, safety, and comfort.

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Success Story

When a member of Casas por Cristo approached one of the neighborhoods in Juárez, Modesta Martinez and her family were adorned in winter jackets despite the fact that it was nearly 70 degrees. When asked about her choice of winter-like clothing, Modesta's answer sent a chill through this ministry. She replied, "e;We lived in the United States for years, but since we moved back to Juárez eight years ago, my family has been cold."e; As Modesta's home was made of cardboard and mismatched wood held together with rusty nails, being cold in the frigid winter months was understandable. But to be so cold - so chilled to the bone that she and her family could not physically warm up - that was a tragedy that could not be overlooked.

Modesta's story prompted several Casas members to act, soliciting donations to supply each recipient family with a heater. Soon thereafter, Casas received over $5000 - enough to purchase 166 heaters! While this was a great feat, the question still remains: What about all of the other families who receive homes in the coming months that are chilled to the bone due to a lack of basic needs? Casas por Cristo brings more than physical warmth to thousands of people's lives. The organization warms the heart, providing for a family's most basic physical need and empowering them to help themselves thrive in other areas of their lives. Through this example we have seen how, when people choose to sacrifice, God is able to work in powerful ways. Would you consider making that sacrifice through giving, allowing God to use you to bless others?