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Hosea Feed the Hungry and Homeless, Inc


Rescuing, restoring, and re-stabilizing families & individuals who are in poverty or at risk of slipping into poverty by providing them with food boxes, life skills training and rent/utility assistance to empower and enable their self-sufficiency.

Real Life

Shelia used to live in the Techwood Homes Housing projects here in Atlanta and had lived there all her life. She was slightly off most of the time. It seemed as if life had passed her by and she constantly fought to get up each morning. The kindly visit from the Hosea Feed The Hungry staffer ironically also named Shelia, with food, toiletries and medical supplies, brightens her day every week though and we all know her as "mama". Several years ago,she was forcibly moved to Techwood Homes from Bankhead courts. The "rehabilitation" of the housing projects into mixed income housing displaced her yet again with a promise of return but she did not get a certificate to go back. Since then she has been moved from house to house and we are trying, with the help of the Lord to save her life. Shelia is just one of many whose lives have been displaced and by current strategic plans to tear down all the public housing projects in the city without effective re-location processes in place. Her "certificate" just gave her a license to be homeless. We have so many stories. Shelia now calls the office every day for her "Word of the Day" and we do the best we can to stop our busy work and talk to her. Unfortunately she has found out the Executive Director's extension number and sometimes five calls a day can be a bit stressful! But we all look forward to that call from Shelia everyday - our best, best supporter.