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Sarah's Circle


Women who are homeless experience trauma, health problems, mental illness, and extreme poverty. Help us serve over 800 women each year with case management, shelter, housing, and supportive services.

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Success Story

When Tiffany first came to Sarah's Circle, she was spending her nights in an emergency shelter while holding down a part time job, struggling with a physical disability, and working to finish her dissertation. Tiffany had experienced a difficult childhood but chose to pursue higher education in order to earn a better life for herself. However without any family support, Tiffany lost her housing months before finishing her degree. Tiffany had long neglected her health while devoting her time and money to completing her education. This had exacerbated her condition and ultimately contributed to her loss of housing.

Tiffany's case manager at Sarah's Circle worked with her to determine her long-term goals for improving her health and self-sufficiency. They then identified the resources needed to pursue those goals. Tiffany's case manager connected her with professionals who provided vision, dental, and most importantly medical care in order to manage her disability. Tiffany and her case manager were also able to negotiate reduced bus fare, so Tiffany could affordably commute to work and school. With a little help, Tiffany was able to maintain her income and finish her degree. She is just one of 793 individual women who came to Sarah's Circle in 2016.