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Prostate Cancer Research Institute


Prostate cancer will strike 1 in 9 men. We aid patients & caregivers worldwide providing educational resources- (videos) Free Helpline-310-743-2116 & Free Conferences. Help us fight the disease & increase public awareness!

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Success Story

We always appreciate getting correspondence thanking us for helping people deal with their prostate cancer (PC). But we were doubly appreciative when poet Ric Masten thanked us on his website "odyssey" that describes his struggle with the disease. It said, in part:

"When I was told that my prostate cancer was a 'terminal' disease, I went to the PCRI website and saw that the PCRI also had a 'helpline'. So I decided to call -- fully expecting a recorded message telling me to read this or that book and go to other helpful web-sites, etc., etc,.

"What I got was probably the most important hour of someone's time that has ever been given to me. What a caring, helpful, patient, and wise man Harry Pinchot is. Himself a long time PC survivor, Helpline Harry is as savvy as anyone I have ever met on the subject of this damned disease. When I did finally get to meet my new doctor, I was fully armed with questions, names, information, and all the PCRI newsletters."It's been five years since I stumbled upon the PCRI and Helpline Harry. If I hadn't, I would most certainly be looking up at the dark side of the grass by now."