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Options Recovery Services


Options Recovery Services offers addiction treatment and mental health services. Our mission: To break the cycle of addiction that causes homelessness, violence, and broken families

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Success Story

My name is Suzoni...I am an addict. Who would have thought this simple statement would change my life.

When I walked through the doors at Options two years ago, it was out of desperation. I had lost just about everything and everyone. I had recently been released from jail and found myself homeless. I called my sister who was at that time raising my daughter. She said she would help. Unlike other times when my family gave me money or a place to stay, she gave me Options' phone number.

When I came into the program, I had no clothes, no money, and had not lived in the same house with my children in several years. I had finally hit my "bottom". Options has allowed me to become the person I lost so many years ago. Options taught me to live life on life's terms. For the first time in my life I am paying rent for my own apartment with money I earned myself. I am living with my daughter and bridging the gap that drugs made between us before she was born. I see all three of my nearly adult children on a regular basis. I have a good relationship with both my sisters. My mother and I are on the best terms we have been in my adult life.

Options has taught me that life has ups and downs and I don't have to use drugs to get through them. My life is not perfect, but it is better than I had ever imagined. My name is Suzoni and I am an addict