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California Right To Life Education Fund


We are a pro-life organization working to secure protection for all innocent and helpless human beings under threat of death, especially unborn children, through education and advocacy on their behalf.

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Success Story

A Day at the Mall - One of our many efforts is information tables at local shopping malls. Passionately pro-life students often staff the tables, passing out literature.

A few fetal development facts that continue to astound many mall table visitors:
  • 24 days the heart begins to beat
  • 43 days brain waves can be detected
  • By 8 weeks EVERY vital organ is present
  • One in four babies die by abortion.

After a recent information table we received a note from a peer of one of the students that had staffed the table:

"I respect your efforts trying to help people become aware of the risks of abortion and the end results women feel. Every person deserves a right to life and dignity; this is a social justice issue.

I believe your organization can help people who face the situation of an unwanted baby. I believe they will realize the factors and long-term outcome if they are educated. It is so important that an organization like this exists, if it weren't for organizations fighting against injustices, our world would be so much worse than it is today.

This is a letter of thanks to your organization for trying to help the world and those who don't have a say. I believe that one day, of we speak loud enough, our voices will be heard."