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Vegan Outreach


Vegan Outreach seeks a future where animals are no longer killed for food. Through our 10 Weeks to Vegan and Get Healthy guided challenges, we provide free support to people in over 18 countries, helping them make more compassionate food choices.

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Success Story

A small sampling of the feedback we have received:

"Thank you for your outreach program. I had been wanting to become a vegetarian for several years. Your pamphlet, which I picked up at Union Square, NYC, made it clear to me that NOW is the time. It's been two weeks now and I'm not going back!"

"Everyone who has read [Why Vegan] has given me feedback on the quality of it and a few have even become vegetarian! Even my teachers were astounded. Up until now, I was the only vegetarian at my high school, so thank you."

"It's hard to imagine another organization that does as much good as you do."

"To me, there is so much more to leafleting than mechanical passing out of pamphlets. Each one of us is no less than a spokesperson, a face and a voice of the movement, an individual who changes people's hearts. What can be more exciting?"

"The number and variety of horrible abuses perpetuated against animals in this society is mind-boggling, but to remedy them, the bottom line is not to base one's entire lifestyle and subsistence on their slaughter - in short, stop using animals for food, clothing, entertainment, etc. Your booklet gets this message across very well!"