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International Hearing Dog


International Hearing Dog trains dogs to go from shelter to service to assist people with hearing loss.

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Success Story

"Mickey is my Hearing Dog. He's 1-in-a-million. I now know when people are at the door, the phone rings, or if the smoke alarm goes off. The biggest bonus is just walking down the street and having him alert me to people behind me or off to the side that I can't see. That's the best. I'm a marathon runner, and beyond being a security blanket and alerting me to everyday sounds, he's also sensed and learned other things to alert me to, such as the bicyclists speeding up from behind. Mick and I are best friends for sure. Thank you IHDI. I am forever grateful, and Mick is, too."
-Kevin in Texas

"Words cannot describe how wonderful Kiki is, she is so loving and trusting. She will be a source of security and great companion for me, I loved her before I met her. She is really amazing at her work and so proud of her own accomplishments. I took her to church this morning and she was truly amazing. Everybody was amazed at the way she was so disciplined and quiet, they are interested in how she was trained...I am so pleased and honored that Martha was the one who delivered Kiki to me and I learned a lot from her in the short time she was here. Thank you again for Kiki."
-Myrna in Kansas