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Who Is Carter Foundation Inc


The Who Is Carter Foundation changes the conversation around childhood brain injury from one of limitations to one of empowerment and possibility.

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In July 2010, when he was less than one week old, Matt and Emily Abbott's son, Carter, caught a rare virus and was placed on life support. He survived, but doctors told the Abbotts that he had approximately 40 percent global brain damage. The prognosis, they said, was grim: Carter would never live a normal life and would be limited in his abilities.

Matt and Emily did not accept that future for Carter. They moved across the country and explored complementary treatments, including the Anat Baniel Method and many more—all of which were rooted in possibilities, not restrictions. They discovered a community of practitioners and families devoted to improving the quality of life for children with brain injuries, often using little known yet highly effective techniques. The Abbotts sought out a limitless future for their son, putting themselves in the epicenter of a community that challenged how the brain can overcome and adapt from severe damage. It was joyous for Matt and Emily to see Carter thrive.

Then, in March 2012, Carter passed away unexpectedly from an aneurysm related to his original brain swelling. His 20 months on this earth were filled with happiness, light, and love, and Matt and Emily realize he was perfect just the way he was. His life was a gift, and his contribution continues today through the Who Is Carter Foundation, a non-profit that gives the families of children with atypical neurological conditions the tools and information they need to reject limiting viewpoints and embrace lives of possibility.