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Northwest Assistance Ministries


We addresses poverty, unemployment, health inequity, homelessness, hunger, behavioral health, family violence and provide disaster relief. With volunteers, we provide emergency basic needs, meals for homebound seniors, and assist families with a hand up.

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Success Story

Success Story
  • Client is a 72 year old female
  • Originally her mother-in-law was a Meals on Wheels client in 1993
  • Her husband when on the program a few years later in 1995 after becoming disabled
  • She then retired and was eligible for the program, so she began receiving meals in 1999
  • She has been raising her 3 grandchildren for most of their lives. They are currently 15, 13 and 11.
  • Over the last few years it has become increasingly difficult for her to keep up with bills and keep a home. Her husband and mother-in-law have both passed away within the last 4 years leaving her to care for the children mostly by herself. Their father, who still has parental rights, is in and out of their lives and does not provide much support.
  • We have been able to help by continuing to provide her with a hot meal every day. We also give her groceries on a monthly basis because she does not have enough money to buy food.
  • We are beginning the process of providing some monthly assistance for her mortgage payments as well as trying to get her granddaughter an eye exam and glasses, which she is in desperate need of. We are also going to refer her to our Children's Clinic where she can have the children checked out and also find out what kind of medical care program they would be eligible for. We are also trying to find out how to get her on food stamps.