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Children's Advocacy Centers of Texas Inc


CACTX is building a future where all Texas children can thrive and reach their full potential by helping child victims of abuse achieve safety, justice, and healing while also working to build greater awareness and prevent harm from ever happening.

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Success Story

Not long ago, a 12-year-old sexual abuse victim wrote the CAC that served him to explain how much their help meant.

"The very first time I came here it was because of something really bad that happened to me," the child wrote. "My step-dad had done bad things to me and told me not to tell anyone. He said no one would ever believe me anyway."

But the people at the CAC did believe.

The young victim continued: "A policeman was here and another person who said her job was to protect kids like me. … The lady who interviewed me was really nice and seemed like she understood why I didn't want to talk about it. Knowing that police guy was there made me feel brave enough to tell it, though. I don't know if I could have, except for him."

The child concluded: "Can you please tell him, and all the other people here who are helping me, thank you for giving me my courage?"