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Hospice Austin


Going above state and federal requirements to provide the highest standards of care. Every day of every life matters. We provide family-centered, quality end-of-life care for terminally ill patients, emphasizing compassion, independence, respect and dignity.

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Thank you for partnering with Hospice Austin!

Hospice Austin is an accredited hospice provider and the community’s only nonprofit hospice.  In addition to home-based hospice, we operate Hospice Austin’s Christopher House, our beloved inpatient hospice facility.  We also offer an extensive bereavement program which is available to anyone in our community.

Keeping people connected at the end of life is a critical part of the hospice model.  For-profit hospices in our area routinely turn away “high-need” patients.  We care for patients with a serious illness, regardless of their diagnosis or ability to pay for care.  Patients who do not have health insurance are eligible for our Hospice Access for All program.  This program ensures that our neighbors have access to the same kind of high-quality hospice services as those with more resources, including in-home and inpatient care.

One aspect of our bereavement program is Camp Brave Heart.  In the summer of 2022, we hosted Camp Brave Heart for the 25th year!  We welcomed 88 children and teens to our 4 day/3 night grief camp.  Campers learned tools to cope with their grief, found out they aren’t alone, and had lots of fun.  After the campers returned home, we heard from a parent who told us that her son “came home with a giant smile on his face, made tons of friends, and he is opening up much more regarding his father’s death.”  Another parent summed up her child’s experience in one word, “transformative”.

We are a stronger organization because of you!