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One Way Out of Pornography


Pornography is killing our nation by destroying lives and breaking families apart. 1 Way helps rescue men and women from porn/sex addiction and restores families through Christ-centered systems. The strongest groups begin in local churches.

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Success Story

Proven Men is non-profit organization dedicated to helping men break free from porn or sexual addictions. Our vision is to reach one million men by helping those who desire transformation through our 12-week study combined with accountability.

A soldier deployed in Iraq sent an email thanking us for providing him with free copies of our intensive 12-week sexual purity study. He reported it was life changing for him, and that even his wife was thankful and excited. Upon learning that the materials were so powerful to help with addiction to pornography, others in his troop expressed concern about their own struggles with pornography and wanting something that'll help them overcome this temptation while overseas, something that'll enable them to move beyond this into lasting freedom. He contacted us to obtain our and Leader's Guide, and began leading 10 U.S. soldiers in Iraq through our purity study. He reported that the meetings were awesome and everyone was very excited about what they're learning and how pornography leads to an empty life devoid of any solid, meaningful relationships with God, other men, and women.

He also reached out to a local Ugandan working in Iraq with the U.S. military, who recently sent us an email stating that the study left him changed and healed from bondage of pornography and strengthened his intimacy with Christ. Even the Chaplain wants to see the purity study used by more soldiers struggling with pornography. Your donations to "1 Way Out of Pornography" help us provide these life changing purity materials to soldiers overseas and to numerous men right here in the United States.