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Center for Adoption Support & Education, Inc.


CASE envisions a world where every child and family connected to adoption, foster and kinship care thrives. We improve the wellbeing and permanence of families through adoption competent mental health services, training professionals, research and advocacy

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Success Story

Peter, age 9, adopted at age 2, was suddenly failing in school. Tests showed he had mild ADHD, but even after accommodations, he didn't seem to care about his school work. His parents took him to a renowned therapist who worked with him for a year, with little progress. Thankfully, Peter's parents heard about C.A.S.E. Deeply worried, they called for an appointment. At the first session, Peter was asked about his adoption. Peter hung his head and said, "She (the birth mother) threw me away, like garbage." His parents were stunned to learn how he felt. After several months of individual and family treatment with C.A.S.E., Peter's grades picked up. Most importantly, his smile was back and his parents' too!

Although details have been changed to protect his privacy, C.A.S.E. helps close to 500 families like Peter's every year. While every family encounters challenges, families formed through adoption face unique issues. C.A.S.E. specializes in meeting their mental health needs and developing the skills for professionals and families to empower children to thrive.

We Nuture children, teens and adults by providing adoption-competent counseling services, reaching more than 5600 families to date. Your support allows us to reach more, particularly those who can't afford care.

We inspire those touched by adoption to better understand how to address adoption-related issues. Our training and resources help families, counselors and clinicians. Your support expands our outreach and development of materials.

We empower mental health and child welfare professionals with training offered through 17 sites. Your support means more families can access expert care. Thank you!