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Children's Emergency Relief Teams


Sending teams of doctors & dentists to give medical & dental care to needy children in remote areas of the world to relieve their suffering. Providing physical & spiritual care with the love of Jesus. Currently sending teams to work with Ukraine refugees.

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Success Story

A young mother, Augustina was brought to our medical clinic in a wheelbarrow. She had given birth in her home 12 days earlier, as most do in Peru's remote Andes Mountains. She was having severe calf pain and swelling. Her husband wheelbarrowed her into our clinic because she was unable to walk, care for her new baby or 4 other young children. CERT volunteer physician, Dr. Jessica determined Augustina was suffering from a blood clot in her leg. Untreated, these can migrate to the lungs, causing a pulmonary embolus and even sudden death. She needed to be started on blood thinners immediately. Augustina and her husband were reluctant to go to the hospital in Cusco, where village people are often discriminated against. That night our team tried to get the medications she needed, but were unsuccessful. The next day they had to go to the hospital because Augustina's condition was worse. That evening, Dr. Jessica and our lead interpreter went to the hospital to check on Augustina. She had yet to be seen by a doctor or receive any medications, even after an ultrasound confirmed that the blood clot now extended the full length of her leg. Dr. Jessica tried to speak with the local doctors, but they refused and asked them to leave. We later learned that the doctor assigned to the Augustina's care refused to treat any patients; in solidarity with the ongoing teachers' strike. Through his extensive network of friends and colleagues, CERT national partner, Pastor Inocencio contacted the head of cardiology at the hospital, who quickly saw to the young mother and initiated a blood thinner. Augustina is now at home, doing much better because CERT was there. God is good!