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Curry Senior Center


Located in the heart of San Francisco, Curry Senior Center meets seniors' essential needs for health care, meals, housing, and social connections.

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Success Story

Kham Vongrasamy:

My life in Laos was spent as a farmer. My mother died when I was three and as a female I was required to work in the field and farm with little education to help support my family. In 1975 Communists took over Laos and elected my husband as a local leader. My husband refused and was threatened by the Communists. Soon after, he became ill and died. I immigrated to America on September 6, 1984. While living with my daughter and her family in America I felt isolated and became depressed. My daughter and her husband have three children and I didn't like being a dependent, so I decided to learn English at a YMCA program and become active in my community. Curry Senior Center has helped me improve my quality of life. I am now more independent, this inspires me to encourage and support other seniors in my community to reach out for help.