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EveryCat Health Foundation


Since 1968 we have funded feline health studies leading to major breakthroughs which help your veterinarian to improve treatment and prevent many feline diseases. Every cat, every day benefits from Winn funded research.

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Success Story

This message from Lexington Hospital for Cats (Lexington, KY) made everyone at Winn feel very proud. Our goal is to help 'every cat, every day.'

$#34;A few weeks ago, I was presented with a kitten that was laboring to breathe and had severe localized pneumonia. As I was treating him, his lung disease was improving but he was getting sicker. His respiratory rate was still high even though his pneumonia was resolving and his body temperature had fallen below normal. My best assessment was that he was developing systemic inflammatory response syndrome (SIRS). My first inclination was that he was dying, his prognosis was poor, and he should be considered for euthanasia. I then searched for information on SIRS in cats and found a Winn-supported publication on the subject. According to the study, this cat had a 56-74% chance of survival and I wasn't doing enough to help him win his battle. Armed with the information from the Winn-supported study, his owner and I decided to fight for him, and with adjustments in his treatment and an adjustment in our attitudes, he went home 12 days later off all medications and doing well. His owner, a college student, is profoundly thankful for Winn supporting the research that saved her kitty.$#34;
Dr. Alice Mills