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Sight Surgery International


Give the gift of sight to patients, blind from cataracts, crossed eyes & other ocular defects. Our volunteer eye doctors & medical teams provide surgical clinics in developing countries, free of charge to poor & under-served worldwide.

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Success Story

Nuha is a 38 year old woman living in the refugee camp just outside of Beirut. She has been slowly going blind from a combination of early cataracts and the devastating disease, glaucoma. Her family of five had depended on her embroidery work to put food on the table. This was no longer possible and the family is destitute. NHI volunteers, working with local partners, provided sight restoring cataract surgery and an additional operation called a trabeculectomy to stop the glaucoma.

The next day, as the patches were taken off, Nuha could see! Not perfectly and not as well as she would in the following weeks but enough to know she would be able to go back to work. Tears streaming down her face, she kissed our hands as an expression of gratitude. We were also a little teary at the opportunity to impact an entire family so significantly with less than an hour of volunteer work!

NHI is also developing a natural compound of inexpensive, readily available botanical and mineral compounds that provides neuro-protection on a cellular level.