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Cornelia de Lange Syndrome Foundation


CdLS occurs in approx. 1 in 10,000 live births. We are there to offer support when a child is diagnosed and currently serve 2,800+ with this rare genetic syndrome. Your gift will fund research and provide hope and healing to families of children with CdLS.

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Success Story

When we were first told that our baby had Cornelia de Lange Syndrome, we were crushed. My wife and I had no idea where to turn. Our family, our friends, even our pediatrician, had never heard of CdLS. Would our child eat, walk, live?

Then we searched the Internet and found the CdLS Foundation's website. They had so much information about the syndrome. We read about treatment, education, everything. We saw pictures of other children and cried both tears of sadness, but also tears of joy that someone else knew what we were going through. We weren't alone!

When we called the Foundation office, the family service coordinator was wonderful. She listened to our concerns, gave us help and hope; she even put us in touch with another family.

She also told us of a gathering of families in a nearby city. Wow! It was probably only a dozen families, but when we met them, we felt like we had known them forever. We shared stories, laughter, and some tears. We left with everyone's number and many of those people are good friends now, almost family.

Thank you CdLS Foundation!