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Premature Aging in Children - Progeria Research Foundation


Heart Attack. Stroke. Progeria children experience these, but now have hope to cure this fatal aging disease thanks to PRF's research. Help them today!

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Progeria is a fatal, rapid aging disease that afflicts children, who die of heart disease at an average age of 13 years - the same heart disease that affects millions of normal aging adults. The Progeria Research Foundation is the only organization in the world dedicated to discovering treatments and the cure for Progeria. Thanks to worldwide support and the comprehensive research programs PRF has created, Progeria research has progressed at a pace virtually unheard of in the scientific community, giving hope to the families where none had existed before that their children have a chance to live longer, healthier lives. From total obscurity, to gene discovery, to 1st-ever Progeria clinical drug trials, to the discovery of the 1st drug treatment-all in just 13 years! And while helping this handful of children, the now-documented connection between Progeria, common heart disease and aging has tremendous universal implications; Finding a cure for one of the rarest diseases on earth could end up helping the entire aging population.

With the growing number of children being found, and the need for continued drug development and clinical trials to find even more effective treatments and cure, PRF needs increased funds to ensure every child can participate in the trials, and every lead is thoroughly explored.

"We all feel the momentum and can see that a cure is within our reach. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the work you've done. I know that it will make a difference in my son's life." - Mother of 6-year-old Zach after the treatment discovery was announced. Zach is in the current drug trial.