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Puppies and Kittens Rescue Fund


Litters born each day to feral & abandoned dogs & cats, left to die, starving and malnourished. Needy people with no extra resources to feed their beloved pets must give them up to shelters. Help us provide food for hungry animals!

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Success Story

Sometime ago, there was a posting about one of our readers feeding her dog(s) with MOM produce. Would like to hear more if any of our readers are doing the same to their pets and how are they giving the produce - whether cooked or raw. Thank you!


Shauna Strickland My dog will eat produce... lol


Kara Bass I use some of the produce for my rats, guinea pigs and rabbits (all raw). Definitely helps me cut down on my produce bill for the family and the pets.

  • Suzanne King I bake the acorn & butternut squash then mash it up, put it in ice cube trays & freeze it for dog treats. They love it, especially when it's hot out.

Merns-Myrna Aquino Clay I'll give it raw> Even us eating Raw is good for us for all the nutrients are still present....


Jennifer Cheesman Yes I do as well. My dogs love the green beans and cucumbers. I parboil the beans when I get them, freeze in a zip lock bag the just cook normal.


Scott White Carrots raw or boiled
Bell Peppers cut in strips raw
Squash cooked and mixed with chicken, or raw thin slices
Green Beans raw
No Tomato, Avocado, or hot peppers.
If we have a question about a MOM item and our dogs we google it.


Ananda Holman My chickens and ducks LOVE the extra produce I give them!


Stephanie Hurley Lounsbury My dog loves when I get my mom produce! She sits by me the whole time I'm chopping and preparing to freeze. She eats all the extras we "accidentally" drop plus we save extra for her as treats