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Operation Compassion


Help us distribute life sustaining clean water, food, shoes & clothing, books, and emergency medical supplies to hungry, starving & needy children; single parents struggling to survive; widows living in poverty; and the homeless ravaged by disasters.

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Success Story

During a gathering of children from across the Navajo Reservation, anticipation grew each evening at what new surprise awaited them. One by one the children were in awe as they sat on the edge of their seats. At the end, the children would go to the cafeteria for a hot meal prepared by volunteers. Before the children were dismissed they would each receive a large bag full of candy, chips, toys and a bottle of water.

One evening, a little boy had left his gift bag and went back for more water. As a worker approached the little boy, they noticed his arms were full of water and he could not possibly carry it all, including his bag. However, the little boy had a far more pressing need than the gift bag on his mind. His reply was "I'd rather have the water!"

When the worker enquired further, he found out the little boy lived without running water and his family, mother, father and siblings, needed the water more than he needed the toys, candy and other prizes. Needless to say, the little boy went home with cases of water as well as his gift bag.

Even though this story can be repeated many times, Operation Compassion is committed to making a difference. During the last year, Operation Compassion has delivered more than 30 million pounds of food, water, clothing, medical supplies, building materials, personal care items, textbooks. In addition, more than 1.2 million pairs of shoes have been delivered during the last five months. We have delivered seed packages for microfinance ministry in developing countries and responded to major flooding and the tornado outbreaks. We have built medical clinics, schools, churches and shelter for the homeless, serving thousands.