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Bread for the World Institute


Help us end world hunger! Support us so we can educate civic and community leaders to end hunger at home and abroad. Our work is grounded in research and education and rigorously analyzes policies that impact the most vulnerable.

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Success Story

Joe Martingale joined Bread for the World more than 20 years ago. He has become a faithful advocate for hungry people.

"I'm involved in a lot of volunteer activities, and I relish all of them," Joe says. "But Bread for the World is special. Improving our government's policies on hunger is more effective than direct service can be. We are working directly for those who would otherwise have no voice."

"Joe keeps going, even when the work's hard," says BFW's regional organizer Jim Stipe. "His representative in Congress is not very open to Bread for the World's anti-hunger legislation, yet year after year Joe faithfully meets with him."

"When we talk to (our member of Congress), I think it helps that we're not in there asking for something for selfish reasons," Joe says. "It certainly helps that other Bread for the World members - thousands of constituents - feel strongly enough about hunger initiatives that they've written to their representative about it. You know that somewhere in that office, those letters are there, and that member of Congress keeps hearing about our issues."

"Bread for the World's mission is a powerful, spiritual and effective way to work on a problem like hunger."